Massacre at Hill 303  is a powerful story, frightening at times, heartwarming at times, humorous at times. It is told from a "bottom up" perspective, taking you into the minds of the young service members that do our Nation's bidding. It also provides tremendous insight into the human aspect of warfare, reminding us that wars are ultimately a human endeavor and bring out the good and bad in mankind.

Soldiers that serve together in combat form timeless bonds. These bonds further extend from generation to generation of veterans. In the case of Massacre at Hill 303, these special bonds come out front and center. Admirably, several of James Rudd's children and even grandchildren have continued to serve our Nation in uniform. I was recently privileged to command the 1st Cavalry Division, leading them into combat in Afghanistan. Our troopers were fond of saying "Live the Legend". For James Rudd and Basil Clark, they clearly "Lived the Legend", in fine Cavalry fashion.

--- John C. "JT" Thomson lll, Major General, U.S. Army

      Deputy Commanding General lll Corps and Fort Hood 

      Former Commanding General 1st Cavalry Division

      Former Commandant, West Point


"Riveting...A powerful read you will not forget."

    ---Troy Radtke, Rock Spring, GA

"With his own insightful combat experience, Mr. Clark has really brought Mr. Rudd's story to life."

    --- Charlie Saunders, Chattanooga, TN

"A well written, moving story of brave actions and survival during the hardships of war."

    --- Andy Rios, Combat Infantryman, Vietnam

"I was immediately taken by the depth of character in this book; relatable people experiencing life changing events, but subtle and jarring in great, vivid detail."

    --- Brett Hyberger, Director of Music and Worship, Ooltewah (TN) United Methodist Church

"... an intriguing story...Korea is often mentioned as the forgotten war, but to these veterans it will never be forgotten."

    --- Edward A. Parker, Ringgold, GA

"Massacre at Hill 303  is a great read, exposing the silent killer...survivor's guilt."

    --- Charles D. Matherson, author of A War Still Raging, Purple Heart, Infantryman (101st Airborne), Door Gunner (121st Helicopter Assault Company)